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And so we bid Summer 2021 farewell, but not without a tear in our eye!

If you know anything about Madison Avenue's obsession with Freudian symbolism, you may find the placement of the megaphone somewhat interesting in this vintage ad for demon tobacco.

Funny, we don't remember them offering Beatle wigs for redheads back in the day...

At Boomtown America, we salute our nation's libraries during National Library Week by remembering the sensitive, tasteful way those "mad men" of Madison Avenue depicted them in an ad campaign from the 1960s.

BTW - It is said this ad caused hundreds of the nation's young lads to rush to their nearest library so they, too, could discover the treasures waiting for them there!

Hope the Easter Bunny treats you right...

May you be spending this day with the one you want...

Hope you find this under your Christmas tree this year!

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