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Turning Clutter into Cash

Think you may have some valuable old stuff in the attic or garage & now is the time to sell?

That may be as toys & other stuff from our childhood can bring big bucks. But before you start maxing out the credit cards in anticipation of the untold riches your old stuff will bring you, here are few things you should do first!

Visit eBay – Or a similar auction site. Don’t simply looking to see if your item(s) are listed and what sellers might be asking. Instead, check that little box that will display sold items. That way you can see if there are actually buyers for that item and what they’re currently paying.

Is it selling for $200 or less? – Then experts say you’re probably best off listing it on that auction site. If you’ve never sold anything on an auction site before, most have tutorials that will guide you through the process.

Is it selling for more than $500? – Then experts say you’re better off bringing in a professional appraiser to give you a valid estimate on the item or consigning the item to an auction house that specializes in whatever it is you’re selling. Those auctioneers have already cultivated an audience of people who want whatever you’re selling and used to paying what it’s worth.

Keep in mind that appraisers charge for their services and auction houses will take a healthy percentage of the final sale price.

That said, happy hunting & good luck!