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Walk Away from Diabetes

New research shows that you may reduce your risk of diabetes by taking 15-minute walk after meals.

Having Trouble Sticking to Your Resolution? Try This

This is about the time in January when it’s getting a little harder to keep that resolution. That burst of energy and willpower you had at the start of the year has started to wane as the daily routine of life lures you back into bad habits.

Here’s a couple of tips to keep your fitness regime on track:

  • Set smaller goals. Instead of walking/jogging that 3 miles a day you promised yourself, try maybe starting with a shorter distance – like a half-mile. Then, once that becomes part of your regular routine, gradually up the distance, little by little, until you reach your target.
  • Have fun. Don’t punish yourself if you miss a day. Make sure whatever exercise you pick (walking, racquetball, etc.) is something you actually enjoy doing. Sticking with it will be much easier.
  • Treat yourself. When you reach a goal or even complete 5 consecutive days of accomplished activity, give yourself a present, maybe some ice cream or a book you’ve been wanting to add to your library. Positive reinforcement works.
  • Track your progress. Whether you keep an old school journal that you write, a spreadsheet on your computer on an app for your ell phone, keep track of things helps keep you focused and committed!

Wishing You a Not So Sweet New Year

Okay, we all know sugar is bad, but it tastes so darn good! We can cut down our intake of sugar (and still enjoy the occasional treats) by following a few simple tips:

Whole Fruit vs. Fruit Juice: Fruit juice can have as much sugar as several pieces of whole fruit, but none of the fiber that slows absorption. Eat the whole fruit and skip the juice.

The Best Fruits: Those are the ones that release their sugar into our systems more slowly. These include apples, berries and grapefruit.

Chocolate: Every chocoholic knows there are actual health benefits in chocolate. And the darker the chocolate, the more cocoa (the health-giving stuff) and the less sugar (the not-so-healthy stuff).

Avoid White: Not only is cane sugar white, but foods like white bread, white rice and white pasta are metabolized in your body just like sugar. Health experts say you should substitute whole gains and skip the white.


High Blood Pressure? Try This!

If you’re taking medicine for high blood pressure, a new study showed that patients who took their medicine before bedtime cut their risk of heart problems in half compared with those who took them in the morning.

Tips for Managing Arthritis

When we were young, “joint” probably had a different meaning than it does for many of us today. If you are one of the 52.5 million adult Americans who have some form of arthritis, joint is where the pain can be and the National Arthritis Foundation has multiple ways you can ease your pain by “being good to your joints.”

Keep reading to discover some of them:

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