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There is a right way and a wrong way to fall. As we get older, falls that result in broken bones, concussions or other injuries can be more serious.

The people who fall for a living – Hollywood’s stunt men and women, have some tips should you find yourself losing your balance:

  • Protect Your Head – If you’re falling backward, tuck your chin into your chest. If you’re falling forward, turn your face to the side.
  • Land Where the Bones Aren’t – Try to position yourself so you fall on muscle, not bone. The best place to absorb a fall is on your butt. Second best would be your back or thighs.
  • Stay Bent – Our natural instinct when we fall is to panic and stiffen up. This is the wrong move. Try to stay loose with your arms and legs bent. Do not try and stop your fall with an outstretched hand. That’s a good way to break your wrist.
  • Keep Falling – Don’t try and stop suddenly. The more you can roll and spread the stress out to a larger area of the body, the better your chances of minimizing injuries.s

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