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Television's Original Hipster

How We Went Koo-Koo for "Kookie"

Who could have known that a serial killer would become one of TV’s first teen idols?

In the late 1950’s, private eye shows were giving Westerns a real run for their money in prime time. Starting in the summer of 1957, Richard Diamond (created by Blake Edwards) made the jump from radio to television and did pretty well.

In the fall of 1958, two “imitation Diamonds” hit the air: Peter Gunn (also created by Edwards) and 77 Sunset Strip (created by Roy Huggins). Both were smash hits.

Huggins had intended his series to be hard-boiled, centering on former military intelligence officer Stu Bailey (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.). However, viewer reaction to a serial killer in the pilot soon sent the series in a radically different direction.

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He Had the World on a String!

The Life & Times of Howdy Doody – Part 3

We all remember that we spent our afternoons, and later, our Saturday mornings in the 50’s with Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody, but how much do you really remember about the show itself and the strange cast of characters who kept us entertained throughout a good portion of our childhoods?

C’mon backstage because once again, it’s Howdy Doody time!



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The Baby Boom’s First Superstar

To this day, walk up to any Baby Boomer and exclaim, “Say kids, what time is it?” Odds are tremendous that Boomer will reply (and loudly, too): “It’s Howdy Doody time!”

No doubt as a child, you may have had a Howdy Doody coloring book, puzzle, drinking mug, Golden Book or if you were really fortunate, an actual Howdy Doody marionette; but how much do you really know about the backstage history of our generation’s first true superstar?

Let’s explore the life and times of this legend.

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Free Movie Tickets – Here’s How

Like to enjoy a night at the movies with your sweetie without taking out a second mortgage? If you live in a major market area, there’s an easy way to access those free tickets the studios always make available for sneak preview screenings.

Just go to or for a list of all the upcoming previews in your area as well as links that can qualify you for the freebies. You’re welcome.

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