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Home Heating Hacks

Helpful Ways to Hold Down Your Heating Bill This Winter

The #1 way to keep your heating costs under control is to discover places in your home where air from the outside can easily make its way inside and fix them. That includes caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows. If you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed when you’re not using it.

Many area power companies offer free energy audits. They’ll inspect your home, alert you to any problem areas and suggest ways you can resolve them.

Make sure your HVAC system gets regular seasonal check-ups. This includes changing out the air filters in the system. Older, dirty filters can reduce your energy efficiency significantly.

Consider a programmable thermostat. With one, you can drop your homes temperature by 7 to 10 degrees at night while you’re snug beneath the covers, gaining as much as a 10% savings on your heating bill.

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