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This is a music mix like nothing you’ve even heard (unless you’ve been here before). It’s created by radio professionals who went beyond the “oldies” mentality to provide a blend of the best music from the dawn of rock & roll right though today. You’ll hear greatest hits as well as some gems you might never have heard before from the biggest rock stars of all time.

Give our unique music blend just 60 minutes, we know you’ll be hooked because if you’ve been looking for Rock & Roll Heaven – you’ve found it!

  • This Day in Rock History - Oct. 18th

    1926: Happy Birthday to the man who contributed more to the founding of rock ‘n’ roll than perhaps any other artist: Chuck Berry would have been 92 today. Make sure and tell Tchaikovsky the news.






This Day in Rock History - Oct. 13th

Some of the classic rock songs recorded on this day:

1958: “Problems” (Everly Brothers)

1965: “Drive My Car” (The Beatles)

1965: “My Generation” (The Who)