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This is a music mix like nothing you’ve even heard (unless you’ve been here before). It’s created by radio professionals who went beyond the “oldies” mentality to provide a blend of the best music from the dawn of rock & roll right though today. You’ll hear greatest hits as well as some gems you might never have heard before from the biggest rock stars of all time.

Give our unique music blend just 60 minutes, we know you’ll be hooked because if you’ve been looking for Rock & Roll Heaven – you’ve found it!

  • This Day in Rock History - Nov. 23rd

    1976: The King and the Killer. On this day, Jerry Lee Lewis (nicknamed “the Killer”) decides to pay a visit to Elvis Presley (nicknamed “The King”). Jerry Lee’s first mistake is to show up at Graceland before dawn. He gets turned away. Elvis calls and invites Lewis to come back. Jerry Lee returns later in the morning but unfortunately, the security guard hasn’t got the word from Elvis. So once again, Jerry Lee is refused entrance.

    Now thoroughly angry, Jerry Lee produces a gun and proclaims that he’s there to kill Presley. He is quickly arrested, but is later released when he convinces authorities he was only joking. Great balls of fire!


Here is a recent photo of two rock & roll legends, who hadn't met until now. Do you recognize them? Here they are just a few short years ago - Tommy James and Connie Francis!

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