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When choosing a credit card, here are some things to consider:

If you use your card for everyday purchases like gas & groceries: Use one of those cashback/rewards cards.

If you have big credit card balances: Take advantage of those 0% introductory card offers or balance transfer. A word of caution, make sure you can pay off the balance of your transfer before the introductory period ends because that balance will be accruing deferred interest you’ll have to pay off in full if you don’t clear the balance in the required time period. Also, destroy or lock up the cards you are transferring the balances from – no sense running them up again while you’re still trying to pay down your previous balance.

If you have less than perfect credit: Use a secured card. This type of card requires you to put money in an account to cover your credit limit. This type of card will hold your card purchases to a level you can afford while helping you rebuild your credit score.

If you use your card only for big purchases or emergencies; Find a cashback card with no annual fee.

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