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Sweet News about Your Health

As we age, our immune system tends to become less focused. It can overreact to small threats, overcompensating in way that create health problems of their own. The most typical is known as “chronic inflammation.” This can lead to problems like arthritis, heart disease and more.

So, how do we fight chronic inflammation and keep our immune system as sharp as possible? Exprts say the best and easiest ways is to cut out sugar. Now, many food companies here in America will sneak all kinds of added sugar into a wide variety of products, even some they tout as having “health benefits.”

Fortunately, the FDA has recently mandated a change in the Nutrition Facts label you see on all the processed food your buy. They are now required to disclose the amount of sugar they’ve added to whatever is inside that package.

So, to maintain your best health, make sure you check out that label before you buy!

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